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16 Tips Smart Ear Pick Wax Removal
16 Tips Smart Ear Pick Wax Removal

16 Tips Smart Ear Pick Wax Removal

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Cotton swabs often push harmful wax and dirt further into your ear, creating wax build up and hearing loss. Swabs can even rupture your eardrum! But our new Ear wax remover is designed to go just the right distance into your ear, then, with just a twist, it latches onto the wax and safely extracts it without causing injury. Forget cotton swabs! Since smart ear pick is made from soft, hygienic silicone it’s washable and reusable, you'll have clean and healthy ears for a lifetime!


 The soft, flexible, spiral grooved tip easily collects the wax and gently removes it without pain, while its unique design restricts it from getting too deeply into your ear and causing injury.

• Water resistant

• Washable tips

• Non-electric

• No battery required

• Safe for kids
Note: ***Due to high demand please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery in the U.S. after processing.***
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